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I'm a foodie. In fact, I believe I was born a foodie. My parents often tell stories of 4-year-old me turning my nose up at the chicken nuggets and chips laden kids menu in favour of 'a half portion of the salmon' or some other delicacy aimed at a target market far beyond my years. What can I say, some divas are born, not made!


Growing up on a farm helped of course and bred in me a deep routed desire for fresh plums picked from the trees, melted 'real' butter on flowery potatoes and cheese...oh how I love cheese, on everything, with everything, in everything. 


To top it off, my mother was a professional baker and I would come in the door after school to be greeted by the smell of apple slices fresh out of the oven, carrot cake piled high in chillers and trays of caramel ready to be cut into squares. So I managed to develop both a savoury and a sweet tooth....a lethal combination calories wise!


However, while I gained a bundle of friends as a child who would flock to my house to salivate over stacks of chocolate biscuit cake produced in quantities of 300 at a time, familiarity breeds contempt, and I would turn my nose up at that biscuit cake with the same disgust as if I had been handed a bowl of boiled broccoli.


Manning the egg station (12 eggs beaten with a cap of rum) or stirring the vat of caramel in return for control of the TV remote were childhood chores for me, just as cleaning your room or doing the dishes were for other children. So as I grew up, I never baked for the enjoyment of it, it was always work to me.


It wasn’t until later in life that I grew to enjoy it again. I started to play with ingredients and see what I could make, just for the fun of it. I hadn’t appreciated the skills my mother had taught me until I realised that other people couldn’t tell by sight that the consistency of a cake needed more water to rise properly or didn’t naturally know that the pastry rolled better after an hour in the fridge. After a hard day, I found it therapeutic to see what was in the presses and as I called it ‘mess around’ with the ingredients until half way through I decided what exactly I was making. A sometimes catastrophic, sometimes surprising process, with little focus on specific recipes, quantities or measurements. My relationship with baking shifted full circle, it was no longer a chore, it was a pleasure and something that helped me relax and unwind.


I realised, what I actually enjoy, as well as the creative side of it, is the joy food brings to people. I don’t bake for myself, I bake for the reaction of others. A cake is not just a cake, it is a congratulations on your wedding day, a birthday wish, a thank you for a job well done or a treat after a particularly tough week. If I can create something that makes someone smile or brightens a less than stellar day for even a split second then that, in my opinion is a cake well baked.


So I decided what better way to do this than to share my recipes, successes and mishaps with you through this blog. After all, I'm still a foodie, a foodie with a sweet tooth...yes, a foodie with more than a few burn marks ...perhaps, but a foodie none the less.  


I hope you enjoy, read, bake and laugh, with me or at me, I don’t mind!


Yours in flour,

Baking Therese

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